16 December 2011

I have them!

I was newbie in this citizen. It was January 2009. My mother picked me up from my new school and she was going to as, "How's your day, dear?" "Bad," that was my answer. That WAS my answer.
In the afternoon, rain was coming and they were truly enemy. My thought gone to those time when I was there with them and with him. And they brought me to my knees, staring on them. My thought echos his name on and on. Hey, I have no one in here!
The next day, I went to that building again. Soon, it should do my daily in here. Here, in this building. I walked through the corridors with awkwardness. Every eyes were took their sight on me. My heart was going faster.
Then I went to that room, sooner I would mention it 'class'. Yes, that was my first class in Jogja. I saw so many new faces. They were kinda same to each other. That was always be our thought when we met some new people, wasn't it? ;)
Firstly, I didn't get on them really well. I miss my old city, though. I miss my friends and....him. Until, the blue February was coming. I've been broke up with him and surely I had to enjoy my newest life in here.
So, you (IX6) were the best class ever! After six-death-months, being like a zombie and tears were covering my face; finally I could take a free-breathe without thoughts-about-him.
"Every night is all the same
you're frozen by the phone you wait something changed
You blame yourself everyday
You do it again every night,
Something 'bout love that breaks your heart
sets you free
something 'bout love that tears you up
you still believe."
This was truly my song. But, you all of IX6 members came to my life. You were the best medicine ever! Everyday my life was full of laughs, happiness, and smiles. Everything seemed wonderful!
From the deepest angle of my heart I would say HUGE THANKS TO MY 96! I DO REALLY LOVE YOU ALL! Thanks for those lessons and happiness. You have just gave me some strength to face the future and smile all over again though there were some pains in the journey. You made me believe that I wasn't lonely in this world. I was free from loneliness anymore! You did it, guys! Huge thanks! Xoxo

Ninis Prabaswari
Part of 96

03 December 2011

Sate Padang dan Sebuah Saran

6:oo pm

Selepas sholat maghrib aku dan ibu jalan ke dokter gigi untuk menanyakan tentang gigiku yang sudah dalam tahap cukup kronis. Kronis dalam arti sudah membuatku was-was. Was-was dalam arti akan menghalangi impian dan cita-citaku.
Tapi dokter itu benar. Ini tidak apa-apa. Aku masih 15 tahun dan umurku masih panjang untuk untuk perkembangan gigi. Subhanallah, hal ini sangat menengkanku.
Ini bukan masalah sebuah penampilan, melainkan sebuah kerapian. Esensi dari sebua tampilan bukan cantik melainkan indah untuk dipandang oleh mata. Namun, indah bukan hanya dilihat dari kebersihan, kerapian, dan keindahan fisik semata, keindahan dari dalam hati jauh lebih penting..

Bukan itu sebenarnya bagian yang penting.

Bagian yang penting adalah........
AKU HARI INI (AKHIRNYA) MAKAN SATE PADANG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Setelah dua tahun di Jogja belum pernah sekalipun aku merasakan kuah sate padang yang ahmazingggg banget itu. Alhamdulillah aku merasakan rasa itu lagi malam ini. Terima kasih ya Allah. Ini sudah cukup untuk mengobati rinduku kepada Batam.

Hey, Batam I do miss you a lot!

Setidaknya, malam ini punya warna cerah yang akan selalu kuingat.

Yang sedang bahagia,

Ninis Prabaswari;